Youth Programs

gemsGEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour):
Every Wednesday night from September to April (7pm - 8:30pm). Young girls from grades 3 through 6 are invited to come to this girls club where they can get to know other girls, and enjoy crafts, games and Bible lessons. Special outtings are planned throughout the year. For more information email Lynda Deurwaarder or call 905-986-1908.

YOUNG LIFE PORT PERRY: Young Life leaders are committed to friendships with teens – no strings attached. Leaders spend time with kids playing road hockey, going to the mall, watching a basketball game, heading to the ski hill – leaders go to where the kids are and enter their world. We are all about offering safe adult relationships with the hope that every child would have opportunity to know that they matter. We welcome all teenagers; both junior and senior high, regardless of race or religious beliefs. Young Life values and respects all young people, and strives to make them all feel welcomed and accepted. Club is held every thursday at 7:30pm at local homes.

WYLDLIFE PORT PERRY: Wyldlife leaders are committed to friendships with pre-teens, in grades 7-8. They meet every other friday from 7:30pm - 9pm in local homes.

Young Life goes where the action is:
So how does it work? Here is Young Life’s unique approach to working with young people:

Contact Work
Young Life staff and volunteer leaders go where kids are; the high school campus, school games, practices, and local hangouts. Leaders work on building bridges of friendships in order to “earn the right to be heard.

An experience in controlled chaos, Club, usually associated with a high school, typically meets weekly for an hour or so. Young Life leaders create a high energy environment featuring songs, skits, and participation games. Towards the end of the evening, a leader gives a talk on an aspect of the Christian message. Club is the place to be, to enjoy friends and be part of the action. Club is a safe place to be one’s self and to express that teenage tendency to push the limits.

This is the name give to our bi-weekly gathering consisting of kids who desire to engage in a faith-based discussion. Campaigners’ is a safe place to discus the basic principles of the Christian faith. Campaigners are encouraged to become active members of their community and High School whilst owning responsibility to care for their peers.

A Young Life specialty! At our camps kids can indulge their passion for adventure, challenge themselves athletically, hang out with friends, or share their hearts with a leader. Our outstanding new camp, RockRidge Canyon, has facilities for swimming, water skiiing and wakeboarding, mountain biking, hiking, basketball, sand volleyball, road hockey, and skateboarding as well as just “hanging out”. After a week at a Young Life camp, most kids say, “I had the best week of my life!” Registration for all Young Life camps, including our summer camps at RockRidge Canyon, is done through the local Young Life clubs.

For more information about Young Life Port Perry, contact Jessica Morrison, Area Director