Our Mission

To Know & Show the Love of Jesus

We envision Hope Church as a place where people are…

1) Led into a life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord,

2) Enfolded into a loving fellowship of Christians, and

3) Equipped as partners in service to actively share the love of Jesus with others.

Ministry Values & Goals

PASSIONATE SPIRITUALITY:  Our goal is to help people become passionate in their relationship with the Lord, eager to know and love him more. Our goal is to develop and maintain programs, policies and assets designed to do God’s work effectively and efficiently.

LOVING RELATIONSHIPS:  Our goal is to help people genuinely care for one another and show their love to others through fellowship, kindness and reconciliation.

GIFT BASED MINISTRY:  Our goal is to help people recognize their unique gifts for serving, and equip them to use their gifts as ministry partners.

NEED BASED EVANGELISM:  Our goal is to help people actively witness to the love of Jesus by serving the needs of their community.

INSPIRING WORSHIP:  Our goal is to offer worship gatherings that inspire people through God-focused worship, God’s Word and the fellowship of God’s family.

HOLISTIC SMALL GROUPS:  Our goal is to offer a variety of small group opportunities that nurture people in all aspects of Christian faith and living.

EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP: Our goal is to develop leadership that encourages and equips God’s people to do God’s work in the Church and Community.